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Leopard Seal

The designers of the Zoo Tycoon Wildlife Design Team has decided to release the Leopard Seal as a teaser for our expansion called Polar Exidition. It comes with two variants.
Maker: Zoo Tycoon Wildlife Design Team
Talen: Engels - English
Versie: ZT2
Benodigdheden: Endangered SPecies & Marine Mania
Installatievorm: Open zip folder & place the z2f file in main game directory.
Bugs: The male variant take a while to show up.
Categorie: ZT2 dieren

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15 Apr 2015 Spam
9. christina mair (Shisu)

26 Dec 2014 Spam
8. Jonathan
I love Leopard Seals!

30 Sep 2014 Spam
7. Cristine
I don't understand how to download this?
Antwoord: You have to be signed in, to be able to download files from the ZTSF

11 Mei 2014 Spam
6. Hikari
Very nice want it in my zoo!

26 Apr 2014 Spam
5. JonathanMperry
I Heart lep
oard Seals!

13 Maa 2014 Spam
4. Steven Lee Gray (slg)
For the whole expansion and the other downloads created by the ZTW Design Team, you have to go to my forum.

23 Feb 2014 Spam
3. pamalino
die wil ik !!

05 Jan 2014 Spam
2. andreu basolí sánchez (andreubs12)
It's amazing

09 Dec 2013 Spam
1. Steven Lee Gray (slg)
I mistyped the expansion is called Polar Expedition.

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