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Your ZTSF help

Your help on the ZTSF
Am I a good member? And how can I become better? You can read evrything on this page.
About Your help on the ZTSF
Q. When do I use this page?
A. Its recommended to read this page, even if you know you are a good member. Evrything who's good can become better.
Q. How do I use this page?
A. On this page you'll find a couple of tips to become (or stay) a good member.
Q. What if I can't find here who I'm searching for?
A. Read the forum rules, than you'll know the most importand things.
Q. Isn't there an easyer way to use such kind of page?
A. Yes, if you don't want to read all the text, you can come pretty far with only the forum rules.
I will...
- Follow the rules
- Being nice to anyone else on the forum
- Respect anyone else on the forum
- Leave moderation reactions to the staff
- Help the staff to keep the forum a nice place
- Search before I ask
I will not...
- Post picture's, movies or text who's for 12+, 16+ or even 18+
- Spam the whole forum full to reach the exclusieves
- Ignore the staff
- Use the downloads on this site for my own one without permission of the designer
- Use links or pictures of the ZTSF for my own page
- Post pictures who are too big for the forum layout
- Bump topics
- Slowchat
- Post spam messages
- Post dubble posts

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