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General help page
The help and explaining page of the Zoo Tycoon Super Forum
About the general help
Q. When do I use this page?
A. If you don't know how somethings on the ZTSF work.
Q. How do I use this page?
A. You find the explainings for some subjects under the Bolded text.
Q. What if I can't find here who I'm searching for?
A. Just PM a staff member, or fill in a message on the contact page.
Q. Isn't there an easyer way to use such kind of page?
A. There are much more explainings to find on our site. Just search and you'll find!
Downloads, how to download from our site
To download from the ZTSF you'll need to be logged in on the site. To start your download, click on this button.
Downloads, permission to host on my own site
We can't give you permission. To get it you have to contact the designer.
Downloads, what to do after I downloaded them
The downloads on the ZTSF have all self-installers. The only thing you have to do is agree, click a few times on next and wait for the download who will install itself.
Downloads, where to find them
You can find our downloads in the categories at the downloads-menu-button.
Extra's, what are they
If you're an international member, the ZTSF extra's are mabye not very useful for you. You can find things like a download list and the goodies there.
Forum, how can I delete my post
You can't. Only staff members can delete posts (or even whole topics).
Forum, how can I edit my post
Just go to the post you want to edit, and click on the button "edit". After you changed it, you can choose if you want others to see you've edited your post, and click on post.
Forum, how do I post
The only thing you have to do is type your message in the square posting part at the bottem of a topic, and click on post. You can change many things like added BB codes ec, but that's not needed.
Links, my link at the site friends
As the name suggests, your site can only be added there if it's a friend site of ours. Only when you have a good reason to think your site can be added there, you can PM the webmaster.
Links, my link on this site
If you send a PM to Erry2000, he will add a link to the ZTSF link page. Please check first if your link isn't at the page yet!
Links, please remove my site from the link page
No problem, just send a PM to Erry2000, and he will delete the link to your page.
Staff, contact when I have problems
If you have a problem with the forum, you can contact our moderator: Laraatje2008. If you have problems with the site, you can contact the admin: Erry2000 or Raymondhoek. On the General help page, you can find a list of who staff member can do what.
Staff, I want to become a staff member
Better forget it. On some English sites is pretty easy to become a staff member, but on the ZTSF you need to have some skills. Than there's also the fact that we're a Dutch site, with a Dutch crew. So as international member its not realy possible to become staff member.
Staff, the staff members
The staff members are Raymondhoek (Webmaster), Erry2000 (Technical Worker) and Laraatje2008 (Moderator).

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