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common dutch words

Common Dutch words
Some Dutch words you find often on our site, are listed here.
About the Common Dutch words
Q. When do I use this page?
A. If I want to know the translation of some Dutch words.
Q. How do I use this page?
A. This page works with a list from A to Z, so you can easely seach for the word you need.
Q. What if I can't find here who I'm searching for?
A. Than you have to find the translation of your word on another way...
Q. Isn't there an easyer way to use such kind of page?
A. You could use sites like Google tanslate to get your translation.
Zoo Tycoon 2 expansions
BD/Bedreigde Diersoorten - ES/Endangered species
AA/Afrikaans Avontuur - AA/African Aventure
MM/Marine Mania - MM/Marine Mania
UD/Uitgestorven Diersoorten - EA/Extinct Animals
Uitbreiding - Expansion
Common Forum words (A-Z)
Aanmelden - To sign in
Actief lid - Active member
Adres - Adress
Algemeen - General
Beheerder - Webmaster
Belangrijk - Important
Bericht - Post
Dier - Animal
Dieren - Animals
Foto - Photo
Gastenboek - Guestbook
Gebruiker - User
Groep - Group
Hier - Here
Idee/Ideeën - Idea/Ideas
Inloggen - To log in
Internationaal - International
Klik - Click
Leden - Members
Macht - Power
Naam - Name
Nieuws - News
Non-actief lid - Non-active member
Persoonlijk Bericht (PB) - Personal Message/Mail (PM)
Plaatsen - To place
Praten - To talk
Probleem - Problem
Profiel - Profile
Reactie - Reaction
Seizoen - Season
Start pagina - home page
Taal - Language
Technisch medewerker - Technical worker
Toevoegen - To add
Uitloggen - To log out
Verbannen - Banned
Verjaardag - Birthday
Vertalen - To translate
Zoeken - Search

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